dr-thomas-mensahThe World famous inventor of Fiber Optics whose innovations moved Fiber Optics from the Laboratories at Corning Glass Works to the Manufacturing Scale in the USA will receive the Honorary Doctorate, (D.Sc Honoraris Causa) at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, when he delivers the prestigious 10th RP Baffuor Lectures at the University..

This three Day Lecture will touch on thematic subjects of; Modernization of Transportation Infrastructure in Ghana including High Speed Bullet Trains from the South of the Country to the North close to the Border, transforming Ghana into an advanced Country in a few years. Dr. Mensah will also present Aviation Maintenance facility, the First of its Kind in West Africa that will allow all planes in the 15 Countries in West Africa, to fly to Kumasi, for maintenance instead of Flying to Ethiopia, Amsterdam, South Africa, etc for such purposes, saving Fuel, and reducing Carbon Footprint in a Sustainable Fashion.

He is excited that President Nana Addo is the Co-Chairman of the UN Sustainable Program at the United Nations, that will focus on Sustainable Development in many Countries including Emerging States like Ghana.

He will also present; Electricity Generation in Renewable fashion in Ghana and address the Expansion of the National Electrical Grid, to eliminate Dumsor once and for all.

The three day lecture will examine; the Broadband LTE 4 G Telecommunication System in Ghana and enhancement of the Internet Platform that will extend Internet to Rural Areas beyond the large cities. Dr. Mensah will speak on; The Digitizing of the Ghana Economy. He will also look at; the Internet of Things, and Industrial Internet including; Smart Manufacturing, that uses Cloud Data and Analytics to improve efficiencies in current and future Factories in Ghana

Dr. Mensah will spend a week on Campus, touring Engineering laboratories, interacting with students, faculty, University Leaders and Administration. He will also meet His Royal Majesty; Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II, The Asantehene also the Chancellor of the University.

As the Editor in Chief of his new International Text Book; Nanotechnology Commercialization published by Wiley and Sons and AIChE, Dr. Mensah will explain to students how Nanotechnology will transform the economy of many countries just as Fiber Optics has done in the life of the average person in the world.

Over 90% of Google and Facebook data is transmitted over undersea , submarine cable that uses his pioneering inventions including ultrahigh strength optical fibers. He speaks at various Universities in the world including MIT, Columbia University, and Companies like AT&T, Microsoft, etc. He will emphasize the need of STEM Educatrion in K-12 to inspire Kids in middle and secondary school, just as he was inspired at an early age to become a world leader in Technology.

A Known Fact About Dr. Mensah

He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, USA, a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Associate Fellow and Technical Director Region II  of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

He was awarded 7 US Patents over the short period of Six years. He is the Author of 4 Books on Innovation including Fiber Optics Engineering, (1987) Superconductor Engineering (1992), and his Autobiography, The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too, (2013) as well as  Nanotechnology Commercialization, International Text Book, ( 2017) .