kueviPresident of the Ewe Association of metropolitan Chicago, Mr. Steve Dei, declared Hilda Adjaho Kuma Kuevi, Queenmother-elect, of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago. The elections were held on December 16 2017.

After the declaration, Helena Kuma, who sprinkled powder on Togbe Addo, when he was elected the Chief of the Ewe Association was on hand again to do the honors.

According to the Ewe Association’s constitution, Hilda Adjaho Kuma Kuivi will serve for an initial 5 year term.

The Ewe Association does not have a substantive Queenmother. Mama Kyirebea Ameyibor, a Queenmother in the Peki-Avetile traditional area in Ghana, has been acting in the position for many years. The constitution of the Ewe Association however bars Chiefs and Queenmother’s with stools in Ghana from serving in the ceremonial position here in Chicago.

Hilda is married with three children. She is unassuming, charming, right temperament and carries herself with dignity and respect. She would hardly talk back when provoked and has a demeanor fit for the position.

Hilda represented the Ewe Association as Queenmother at Ghanafest 19 years ago when Honorable Charles Hodogbe was the President of the Association.

Hilda is from the royal clan of Adjaho and Kuma families of Avenorpeme in the Volta Region of Ghana.

The Ewe Association is in the process of planning a memorable inauguration for Hilda and Togbe Addo sometime next year.

The Ghanaian community in Chicago, members of the Council of Ewe Associations in North America, CEANA, and others would be notified when details become available.