SydneySidney, Ghana’s most controversial hiplife artiste, has announced his presence in the music scene again with the release of three new singles — ‘Kpeeeh’ ‘Gwara Gwara’ and ‘Mpina Twi Y?d?’.

For the past months, Sidney has been touring some selected African countries, where he performed to entertain his fans there.

As a recording and performing artiste, Sidney can best be described as a multi-talented and versatile artiste with a vision.

A former student of West African Secondary School (WASS) and the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS), Sidney began his musical career with Native Funk Lords in 1994, before he formed Nananom with late Omanhene Pozo and Ohemaa.

Sidney released his first album titled ‘Tinana in 2001, followed by ‘Abuskeleke’ in 2003, which was extremely controversial. The lyrics became popular and were used to tease people who wore skimpy clothes. In 2004, Sidney released ‘Scent No’, another controversial song which educates people about sanitation. The song was picked up as a campaign song by the NPP. Sidney resurfaced in 2005 with another controversial hit album, ‘Obia Nye Obia’.

Sidney has also been involved in various educational campaigns. ‘Give Them The Pen, Not The Gun’ is a single song dedicated to all child soldiers in the world, especially in Africa, which it features Dr Kaunda and King Ayisoba.

Some of his songs are ‘Africa Money’, ‘Kyere Me’, ‘I See You Cher’, ‘Monhye Nkom’,’ Africa Money’, Ma Sweetie’, ‘Paanoo Shew’, ‘Colour TV’ and many others.